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Palladium(Pd) surface Treatment


Prevention against crevice corrosion of gasket face

We will conduct palladium treatment on titanium surface which provides almost same corrosion resistant as that of titanium palladium alloy (Ti-Pd JIS 11-13). The surface treatment is cheaper than Ti-Pd alloy in case of small surface treatment area.
The principle of this corrosion-resistant method is to dot the Palladium on the surface of the titanium as shown in the following figure, and put it in a corrosive solution, the current flows from the high potential palladium to titanium, the electric circuit as indicated by an arrow can be.
Therefore, the surface of titanium is electrolytic oxidation and the corrosion resistance is improved by the immobilized state.
So, even if partially scratched after palladium treatment, there is no such thing as corrosion.
Unlike conventional electroplating, palladium solution is applied to the pretreatment of degreasing and scale removal, and the baking process is performed.
It can make possible to treat partial area of plate, coil and also possible to treat even after assemble or repair of plants.
The Pd treatment can be conducted not only in our factory but also in your site.
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Corrosion protection mechanism of titanium treated with palladium
Corrosion protection mechanism of titanium treated with palladium

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+81-467-87-2336 Reception time Weekday am 8:30 - pm 5:00
+81-467-87-2336 Reception time Weekday am 8:30 - pm 5:00

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