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Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile

Corporate Data

31, Jul, 1987
160million yen
Ratio of share holding
3-3-5 Chigasaki, Chigasaki City, KANAGAWA Pref. JAPAN
TEL. +81-467-87-2336TEL. +81-467-87-2336
FAX. +81-467-86-0301
Business Contents
Welding, forging, machining products of titanium
Titanium powder (Ti powder & TiH2 powder)
Titanium insoluble electrode
Zirconium sponge
Surface treatment
ISO-9001, ISO-14001

Plant Discription

Plant Discription
  1. Quality management system ISO-9001 certified factory

    NQA certification number:
    26546 Gets 7/12/1999
  2. Environmental management system ISO-14001 certified factory

    BV registration number:
    4387737 Gets 11/21/2009
  3. A canning factory conformed to various regulation

    1. Class 1 pressure vessel license was obtained in 1997.
      Many manufacturing permission has been held (certification number神基許ボ第90-1~90-10号)
    2. Many manufacturing results of class 2 pressure vessel
    3. Many manufacturing results of high pressure gas (specific) equipment
    4. Many manufacturing results of titanium parts of specific ship and spacecraft
  4. Characteristics of factory

    1. Quality that you can trustFactory is dedicated to the titanium welding process, so that in the plant it keeps clean to conduct suited titanium welding.
      In addition, the highly functional level operators of the welding qualification produce consistently, and followed by mechanical tests, non-destructive tests and three-dimensional measuring strictly. This is the reason why stable and trusted quality can be offered.
    2. Variety kinds of welding machine are availableLarge plasma welding machine including many small plasma welding machines and TIG welding machine, and high speed automatic TIG welding machine for weld overlay are property used for its purpose. That is why we provide high quality welding products.
    3. Possible short-term procurement of many different types of raw materialsBecause of purchasing ingots and hot or cold coils from Toho Titanium of Mother Company and Nippon Steel Corporation of a shareholder, various titanium materials and short-term procurement are possible.
Plant Discription