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Titanium products of Toho technical service Co.,Ltd. are born by highest level technology of the world

Ingots (forging) and wrought Titanium material such as plates, pipes, bars and wires are manufactured and offered basically based on built-to-order system.
Excellent products with high reliability are born from carefully screened Ti materials and advanced welding technology. Integrated management of design, forging, quality assurance and technical service can offer unparalleled high-quality products.


Various kinds of Ti and shapes are produced by free forging process.


We can manufacture various kinds of parts such as pump parts and marine parts by combining forgings and welding process.


Various products such as Tank Rory, Reaction Tower, Tank and Piping are designed and manufactured by advanced welding technology according to customer's needs.
High-pressure Vessel regulations (class1,2) can also be handled.

Titanium insoluble electrode

Various shape of Plate, Foil, Expanded Metal and porous titanium(WEBTi®) burned or plated with noble metals are provided.

Ti and Ti alloy Power

High quality powder can be stably manufactured by using suited Ti raw materials which production histories are certified because our Mother company is both sponge Ti and Ingot melting producer.


A wide variety of plate, round bar, pipe, foil, wire, zirconium sponge and so on are provided. Surface treatments such as Palladium treatment is also provided.

We are pleased to correspond to inquiry about titanium, so please do not hesitate to contact us.
We will make proper proposals to customer's demand.

+81-467-87-2336 Reception time Weekday am 8:30 - pm 5:00
+81-467-87-2336 Reception time Weekday am 8:30 - pm 5:00

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