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Forging Titanium forging and peeling scale off products

Titanium forging and peeling scale off products


Shaft, tube sheet, material for f lange, various accessories or parts

Toho technical Service Co. provides various shapes of forging products such as forged Block ,Billet, bar or near net shape. Usually scale formed on the products during forging process is removed by machining.
Applied free forging process with our unique technic, Shape of products is near to that of final produce so that material yield can be increased and cost can be saved.
Also, various kinds of titanium material always stocked. It can make short delivery as you desire. ( Much appreciated to understand that there is some limitation of short delivery for special material or shape)

Standard JIS, ASME, ASTM
Materials Ti Grade1-4, Ti-6Al-4V alloys Ti-Pd alloy
Shape round bar, circular, ring, pipe, step boss, block

* Except material mentioned-above, there is some possibility to be provided. Please feel free to contact us.

Stepped boss Stepped boss
Stepped boss
Ring Ring
Square block Square block
Square block
Tube Sheet
Tube Sheet
Roughing product
Roughing product
Materials for evaluation of cutting performance
Materials for evaluation of cutting performance

We are pleased to correspond to inquiry about titanium, so please do not hesitate to contact us.
We will make proper proposals to customer's demand.

+81-467-87-2336 Reception time Weekday am 8:30 - pm 5:00
+81-467-87-2336 Reception time Weekday am 8:30 - pm 5:00

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